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The beginning of Merger Reignited!

And so it begins...

Come find me, baby…I BELONG TO YOU!

It was a mantra that echoed like hope, over and over.

One I’d prayed for…begged for.

Fate brought us together. Jealousy tore us apart. But love was something no one could take from us. We were each others in business, in friendship, and in life.

I wanted to kiss her, hold her and taste every inch of her. I didn’t care about the sand. The dusk dampened grit that seeped into my shirt or between our clothes. She was in my arms and that’s all that mattered. I wouldn’t even feign that the salty air that misted over us, from the lapping Pacific Ocean, only feet away, was what was making me cry. I squeezed her tighter, afraid my mind was playing a cruel trick on me. A mirage of warmth and flesh that would surely carve out the last of my wounded heart and soul, if it weren’t true. I knew I was crushing her with the stealth-heavy grip of my hands and arms. My legs encircled hers, twisting and intertwining themselves between her calves and feet, staking their claim with unrelenting abandon, in worship and denial. A vine of cruelty and love I couldn’t even comprehend, but didn’t question.

My hug bordered on brutal, but I was powerless to let her go. Her embrace was equally constricting, like a vice around my ribs and lungs. A requisition of emotional giving I absorbed like a needy child. I didn’t care if they snapped under the pressure of her love, or if my lungs imploded, I was barely breathing anyway. The love I had for this woman was so profound that it thrived in every pore of my being. I couldn’t even remember where she stopped and I began. I was a ball of emotional yarn, and she unraveled me little by little, exposing me as more than a man, more than a lover, friend or partner. I was a flawed, heart-wrecked human, who fell fast and hard, desperately and wholly for this amazing, beautiful woman. I knew with every breath of my being we were destiny, soulmates tried and true. I was stripped bare for her.

She owned me.

“I love you,” she whispered. Her voice was as soft and rough as tattered velvet, as she wept the words that licked at the wounds of my soul. Tears, wet and warm, mingled with mine, as our mouths fused together in unabashed need. Both of us seeking the solitude of grace and understanding in one another.

“You belong to me.” My lips trembled against hers, mimicking the four note cards that had me on the most desperate scavenger hunt of my life. A trail of roses that put me here, on the beach, and in her arms. The only place I ever wanted to be.

You. Belong. To. Me.

I did, and had, since the moment she tripped from that fate-laden treadmill into my arms, sweaty and oh, so god damn beautiful. A fallen angel put on earth just for me.

She whimpered with a nod, sinking deeper into my mouth with a desperation that matched my own, exploring me…devouring and loving me. We clung to one another like our lives depended on it, and I’m not so sure it wasn’t true. At least not for me. We’d risen above the black abyss of despair that had us hopeless to survive one another.

“I belong to you, Josh,” she said, looking up at me through tear stained lashes. The blue of her eyes hidden behind the flood of emotions that had us both in its grips. Happiness, sadness, love and hope, and everything in between. It didn’t matter if they were tears of joy, tears for me, or us. It ripped my fucking heart out to see them. I never wanted to see her cry, not now, not ever. She’d cried enough for one lifetime and I was running a close second, nearly sprinting past her in the last week. Tears and all, a snotty mess of flushed cheeks, and quivering lips above me, peering down at me like I was her whole world, she was my queen, and I’d spend my life making sure she knew it.

An ending fit for Kasey and Josh... The wait is almost over.

Here's what's up in the tiny, big world of Heather Miles. New website still not launched. I'm trying too hard, as usual, to make it phenomenal. But Heather Unfiltered is coming. I have been writing...wait for it...poetry? Ta-da! It's been almost 30 years since I've put the magical words down in short, prolific prose, that held more meaning than any novel I've written. It's amazing how the words tie together, linking both mindfulness, honesty, heartfelt emotion and soul-deep reality. It's one of a kind magic that reveals more than it should and speaks to the soul of me and my life. If you enjoy great content, feel free to follow me on Instagram, my platform of choice.

This was a snippet, a moment in time. A Sunday gimme that couldn't go unspoken. I love my fans. I love my followers. I love you!

Offer is still good on book one. Merger on me! Just drop me a line.

As always, stay tuned in and turned on!


Heather Miles

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