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Kasey Blakely doesn’t know that her date is anything more than incredibly hot. It’s after things have moved past friendship, that she learns her new lover is also slated to be her partner in a corporate merger. He knew it all along withholding his identity to have her. 


Self-assured, future CEO, Kasey Blakely stumbles into Joshua Crawford, leaving her breathless and momentarily senseless. Taken with her, he learns she’s more than just a beautiful woman, she’s slated to be his partner in a corporate merger. Never feeling as smitten or intrigued, he’ll do anything to have her, including, not revealing his last name. After a passionate exchange and the prospect he could lose her, does he come clean with his identity. Always confident, Kasey, struggles with her growing love for a man who has claimed her heart and changed her world, but should be forbidden. She’s all in…then all out. Despite the warnings not to mix business with pleasure, Kasey and Joshua risk it all. Committing to return to California with Joshua, Kasey’s world unravels. Were her fears right, or can they manage the MERGER of their hearts and their future partnership?

Merger Undone

When Kasey (K.K.) Blakely closes the biggest merger of her life, she never expected to fall in love with her business partner, Joshua Crawford. He’s brilliant, sexy and totally enamored with her. It’s a lethal combination for a sheltered heart. She knows mixing business with pleasure can be disastrous, but takes a leap of faith and goes to Los Angeles. Two weeks to work on the new alliance of their partnership and relationship. But when Josh walks out of the men’s restroom on the heels of his assistant everything she’d tried to avoid unravels around her. 


Merger Undone is the unraveling of hearts and dreams, truths and lies. With new obstacles, unlikely connections and the future of a merger at stake, K.K. is set into a tailspin. How can Josh hope for a happily ever after when there’s more than one man willing to catch her when she falls.  

Who wins when everything is at stake? 


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Merger Complete, Book 3

Kasey (K.K.) Blakely just walked away from the most important men in her life. Joshua, her fiancée, his brother, Jake, who confessed to being in love with her, and Jeremy, the doctor who was left dazzled by just one kiss. As the CEO of Blakely-Crawford Enterprises, she’s going to have to find a way to repair the damage her love life’s left her company.


Joshua Crawford never imagined the best day of his life would also be the worst. How could he lose the only woman he ever loved? It was a stolen kiss that should have meant nothing, but it did, and now he was competing with a formidable opponent. And his brother’s confession about being in love with K.K. rocked him to the core. How can he win her back when she’s given her love away? 


Merger Complete is the culmination of forbidden love, broken hearts and finding a way to overcome all obstacles. It wasn’t just a Merger that became Undone, it was the last one to Complete. 

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 Saying Yes: A Game of Seduction

Walking into a private sex club shouldn’t have been so hard for a Ph.D’d sex therapist, but it was. Eliza Swift was trained to understand the human sexual condition, but it didn’t translate into her own life. 

The Raven’s Nest is a high-end sex club where desires are lived out and identities are kept safe. Intrigued and eager to learn the hidden secrets of the club, Eliza begs the only man she knows with the sexual appetite, privilege and power to take her, Nick Slade. Her playboy best friend and the only constant in her life.

Lake Mitchell, the billionaire club owner who rarely steps into the seductive world but finds himself fascinated by the gorgeous woman who’s clearly out of place. Never more intrigued, Lake steps into her private world as a patient to obtain her. Her attraction alone has her nervous, but his subtle flirtations make her question whether she can continue to treat him as a patient. Her resistance is strong, but his charm is stronger. She surrenders to his will, his yearning and sexual lessons, but Lake learns the lessons are really his. Eliza may be giving her body, but her heart is off-limits.

In the end, Eliza learns there’s more to the human sexual condition than what she learned in books. If she wants a real chance at love, she’ll have to take a leap of faith and play to win with the most dominant man she’s ever encountered…saying yes to everything.


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