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Breaking Bad and Merger Reignited!

Breaking Bad...

Someone pinch me. No really. I think I've landed in the twilight zone! Reality TV has nothing on Hillary and Donald. When I say breaking bad, I mean enough is enough. What the hell is going on in the world, namely here in the United States. It's such a shit show it's consuming everything and everyone around us. I assure you there are far bigger tragedies to focus on in the world, they just pale in comparison to the sad, comedic, debauchery of our current presidential election. The circus has definitely come to town and while I've always been told to steer clear of talking about politics, it's hard to just bury your head in the proverbial sand and not mention the unfolding nightmare we find ourselves in, as a country, as citizens, as voters with voices, holy bajeezus! I'm waiting for Ashton Kuchner to pop out and tell me we're being "punk'd". Whether you're a republican, democrat, independent or frankly don't give two shit's, it's hard not to watch these two candidates self-destruct right before our eyes. It's like a horrible accident you know you shouldn't look at, but can't bring yourself to turn away from. It's shameful at best, and hard to stomach at worst. What do you tell your kids? Know the acronym NSFW (not safe for work)? Well, the Town Hall debates, aka Town Hell debates are NSFPT (not safe for prime time) It's a sad state of affairs, but remember when being president was looked upon from a child's perspective as being one of the greatest jobs you could hold in this country. Bet there's not many kids that want that role. Frankly, I don't even want my kids to watch it. It's mudslinging and schoolyard bullying at it's worst. How do we pick one from the other? It's literally the best of the worst in my humble opinion and we all know what they say about those opinions. *wink wink* What ever your political views are, stay tuned, I'm sure the bottom hasn't dropped out yet!

Merger Reignited

So, on to the lighter side of romance and all things Author Heather Miles. We had a multi-author book giveaway. Steamy Romance vs Sweet Romance, 40+ romance authors giving away their books to lucky winners. If you're on this list, you either chose steamy or said you liked both. While my books are all deliciously plot driven: The pitfalls of falling in love with your business partner when she's off limits in the Merger Series, and how a Ph'd sex therapist finds her way into a sex club after being challenged that all she knows is based in books in Saying Yes, I think we can all agree that my books have a heat factor that's damn near scorching. I make no apologies. It's what I write. What I like. What I read. Temptation for all things forbidden, just taste a little better on the tongue and feel a little better on the skin. So here's to hot books...cheers!


Book Four in the Merger Series - Merger Reignited

Excerpt from Merger Reignited

K.K. and Josh's story continues...

(coming Christmas 2016)

Months of trials and tribulations had culminated into this. It was as if time was standing still for one brief moment. I was soaking in the seconds, breathing in the time, the place, the girl. I’d set off on a quest a week earlier to ask her to marry me, not pressuring her for an answer, but hoping and praying that she’d say yes. So much had happened between us. Love, death, secrets and lies, betrayal, anger and hurt, all colliding together, threatening the foundation of our lives, our future and our partnership. I’d all but crawled on my hands and knees, through the pits of hell, over the gravel of my emotions and shattered heart to beg for her forgiveness, trying to right all the wrongs, and she’d done the same. I left New York with nothing more than faith, desire, and a dream of a life with her in it. The picture of us, together, so ingrained in my mind it was burned into my soul. I never saw it any other way. I didn’t want to even think that she wasn’t going to be mine, that I’d lose her, or worse, lose her to someone else. Not hearing from her for over a week while she deliberated her future and mine, was like an anvil crashing through my chest, breaking every rib until it found my heart, destroying every ounce of hope I had for the chance at forever. As each day passed, I felt more and more nervous that she’d choose him over me. The idea of it was gut-wrenching.

Dr. Jeremy Nichols was my nemesis. The bane of my existence. The anti-Christ to my heart…but a viable competitor for her love. As much as I hated him and believed that I was the only true love she’d ever known, I couldn’t help but wonder if my love was enough. If I was enough. But it was enough. It wasn’t victory to have her in my arms, it was destiny. A fate I’d known since I first laid eyes on her and decided that I’d stop at nothing to have her.

My heart raced, pressuring my ribs to split so it could soar. I stared up at her as if I was seeing her for the first time. She’d always been captivating and beautiful, but she’d never looked as ethereal as she did right this minute, glowing with happiness in the setting sun.

An angel… My angel... Salvation.

She threaded her fingers through my hair and I moaned in delight, chasing every gesture, leaning farther into her touch. Eating it up like nourishment that would sustain me. It didn’t matter how or where she touched me, just that she did. Our bodies vibrated against one another, shuddering electric pulses of life, enveloping and bonding us as one. I wanted to feed her the air from my lungs and steal hers in return. I circled my fingers around the slender nape of her neck and pulled her mouth to mine.

“I’m so in love with you.” I brushed my nose against hers and claimed her lips tenderly, beseeching her to let me kiss the depth of those words into her. I wanted to show her. I craved the intimacy of that connection and knew the power it held between us. I swallowed a beautiful whimper as she nodded in acknowledgment. My decree was branded on my heart. The one she held in her delicate hands.

Her tongue slid over mine, tasting the words with gentle strokes that made me weak. I’d give her the world for just one of her kisses. This one was no different. She said my kisses held magic for her, that they melted her and made her body weak with lust. I couldn’t deny that hers did the same for me. By the time our mouths parted, we were a panting mess. My erection was a thick bulge beneath her and I had no doubt what I’d find between her silky thighs. But as much as I wanted to make love to her, I just want to be. Be with her, see her and talk to her. With my engagement ring finally on her finger, my mother’s ring, and the promise of tomorrow, I could finally settle into the emotions of just being us. There would be time for everything else.

The Merger Series

Merger (book one)

Merger Undone (book two)

Merger Complete (book three)

Saying Yes - A Game of Seduction

Here's what's on the fall drink menu:

"Spiced Coconut Rum and Apple Cider"

For those days when you're really missing summer...


- Blue Chair Bay Spiced Coconut Rum (or just coconut rum)

- apple cider

- apple slices

- cinnamon sticks

Fill a short glass with ice. Add 3oz of apple cider and 1oz Spiced Coconut Rum. Garnish with a couple of apple slices and a cinnamon stick. Use the cinnamon to stir the drink together.

You can definitely adjust this based on the size of your glasses. Stick to a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. We all know bigger is just better. Even when it comes to cocktails!

Enjoy! And Drink Responsibly...

Here's a classic from my play list:

Dig by Incubus

Enjoy! And as always, stay tuned in and turned on!


Heather M. Miles

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