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 About The Author 





Heather Miles is an author of contemporary romance, a poet, narrator and blogger.  

She has a three book contemporary romance series:  Merger, Merger Undone and Merger Complete, as well as two stand alone novels, Saying Yes, and Claiming Emerson.


She has written countless poems which can be found on here, as well as Instagram. You never know what magic is lurking behind those pictures. Dare to uncover the words - heavy hearted, deeply profound, thoughtful, intimate, and raw! 


In 2016, Heather discovered her talent for narration. Listed as a producer on ACX, she has narrated over 12 books of various genres. She continues to delight in lending her voice to bring manuscripts to life.   


She is a member of Romance Writers of America, From the Heart Romance Writers, Passionate Ink, Contemporary Romance Writers, The Independent Author Network and ACX.



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