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Here's a little teaser... It's almost out the door. They'll take it or you'll get it. One way or the other it's the hottest thing I've written to date. Enjoy my seductive friends.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” She no longer cared if she was reprimanded for the word. There was nothing else. Desperation had a hold of her mind and body. Her stomach tightened as the unease of an intense climbing throb settled in her abdomen like the slow roll of thunder. A harsh bolt of lightning couldn’t suppress how badly she wanted him to take her. The truth he sought didn’t need answering. She needed everything…all of it…all of him.

“I need all of it too, baby. Your mouth, your heart and your pussy. I need you, Eliza.”

She was slipping into a lustful coma with every sweet stroke. “Please! Oh god...yes, yes, yes.” She begged. “No edging, baby. I need to cum.”

“I’ll give you what you need. No edging…just love.”

Lake spread her wide. Wet heat lapped at her clit, circling and sucking greedily, winding her up like a frantic spinning top. When he filled her full with three claiming fingers, she cried out in ecstasy. The friction of each deep thrust and his lavishing tongue split Eliza in two.

“Oh, Lake…!”

“That’s it, my beautiful girl.” Lake’s hand and mouth continued the onslaught of passionate torture. “Let go, baby…give me more…” With his words, she came again. Her thighs cramped and she arched off the hard granite into the stabbing pleasure of his fingers as they drained her.

Lake’s voice was muffled behind her own labored pants. Blood filtered through her ears like the ocean crashing against the surf, drowning him out. Her stomach felt like it was on fire. Her body was his to wield – edging, multiple orgasms, female ejaculation and the seduction of her forbidden hole. The verboten place that she would never have given to another. She had never known such pleasure.

Needless to say, Eliza no longer identified herself as vanilla. Lake had expanded her sexual world so much she’d long forgotten her inhibitions and craved the way he’d fuck her senseless one minute then make love to her the next. If she was honest, he owned her body from the very night he bestowed her with such a powerful orgasm that she actually came on his Brioni shirt. He promised her a climax so profound that she would cry…she had. She’d yearn for his cock so badly she’d beg…she had, desperately, nightly. He said he’d fuck her so good she’d fall in love with him. She did love him. No one had ever penetrated her heart with such overwhelming intensity. But what he didn't understand was that it was never the fucking. It was his heart and soul that claimed her more and more every day. The way his liquid blue eyes seduced her, mesmerized her and stripped her bare. She didn't just crave Lake Mitchell, she wanted to devour his soul, imprison his heart and seize the silken flesh of his exquisite cock as hers and only hers. He wanted control of her will and she’d gladly submit it because she needed his love to sustain her like the air she breathed and the food that nourished her.

“Every one of those belongs to me…you belong to me.” Lake kissed the top of her sex then laid his cheek against her trembling abdomen. She buried her fingers in the silky brown locks that laid as limp and damp as her used flesh, weaving her nails through his scalp. His moan settled in her stomach and his arms circled her waist.

“Yes, I belong to you.” No truer words were ever spoken.

Lake pulled her limp body from the hard surface, nestling her against his muscled torso as he carried her towards their room. She teased the smattering of hair that sprinkled his chest. His lips trailed down the tight chord of her neck and protruding clavicle, sweeping heat against them to the thrilled delight of her pebbled skin.

The smooth brush of rich velvet teased her back and legs as he lowered to the bed. Their eyes never faltered as he removed the rest of his clothes. Eliza’s stomach felt warm and edgy as the last effects of her orgasms dissolved like fulfilled dreams. She gazed at the sight before her, refined flesh, over striated muscles and the thick rod of manhood she felt finally belonged to her. She was shrouded in the rapture, fueled to want more. He said he wouldn't settle for less than everything. At the time, she found his statement devastating and unattainable. In the end, she wasn't giving him everything, she was giving more. Surrender. Complete submission.

Tonight's drink:

Evan Williams Honey Bourbon.

What I'm listening to:

D'Angelo - Untitled

Happy reading friends. Stay tuned in and turned on.

Heather Miles

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