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Prescription for Love: A "Flirty Friday" treat!

Happy Friday my friends. It's Easter weekend and though it holds religious significance I say we bypass the actual meaning for something a bit friskier. I'm offering a tasty treat to delight and stimulate. Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming novel PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE.

The Premise of the Novel: Katie (Bug) Simon, watched her brother's best friend, Archer Thomas, walk out the door of her childhood home to go to college. Her heart crumbled into a million pieces. She'd been in love with him since he first rode his bike over to her house at the age of five to play with her brother, Michael. She'd spent years pining away over a boy who thought of her as a little sister...or did he. Archer, has come home, and he has his sights set on one thing, obtaining the girl who always held a special place in his heart.


Archer, was astounding in every way, and now that he sat across from me in the most casual manner, outside the glaring eyes of my family members, I was truly able to take him in. His sun-kissed brown hair laid messily across his forehead. It was expertly styled but lacked conventional grooming. I imagined he fingered it into place and the effects were not lost on me.

He was casually put together, but impeccably thought out. His dark denim jeans hugged the tight curve of his ass and clung smoothly over his muscular thighs. His shirt skimmed his lean torso, leaving little to the imagination. He had a strong jawline, prominent cheekbones, and drinkable bourbon colored eyes. He was pretty, but rugged and had grown comfortably into manhood. Masculine, but boyish. Sexy as hell and absolutely fuckable!

I pulled my eyes away after assessing him thoroughly and wondered how I was going to pull off a lack of interest? What the hell was the point when I’d loved him since…forever!

“Listen Archer, I’ve known you almost my whole life, but…” I started but was quickly cut off.

“Do find me attractive?”

“Of course.” Hell, I had to be honest at this point. I’d ogled him, smelled him and had my tongue down his throat. There was no point in acting like he was an ogre!

“So then, don’t finish whatever little speech you were about to make and listen to what I have to say.”

I tilted my head and let out a throaty sigh in mock exhaustion. This very aggressive, beautiful man had come here with a plan and was about to lay it out. “Okay. Lay it on me,” I said with false confidence.

I watched as he inched closer to me, closing the gap between us. I could feel the heat of his body next to mine. Now, fully aware of his nearness. Every hair on my overwrought body was standing at attention and my breasts were peaking under my flimsy tank top. Wrong wardrobe choice was all I could think. I needed to refocus on the conversation and watched his mouth intently.

“You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Honestly Katie, I couldn’t imagine that you had improved in any way, but what sits before me is more than I could have hoped or planned for. I wasn’t kidding you when I told you that I’ve been enamored with you since I was a kid. Now, those feelings are fully heightened. I want you to give me this week.”

“To do what?”

“One week. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Maybe, it will be the most romantic and fulfilling week of both our lives. I’m no pussy, and I have everything to lose here. Especially since you’re the sister of my best friend. But, honestly, I’m no slouch either. I’m a successful surgeon, just like you. I’m driven and passionate about the things I hold dear in my life. I never back down from something I want. Your dad taught me that.”

My heart felt like it was flushing blood at record speed with each meaningful word. I was feeling lost in him again and knew this was either going to be the greatest thing that had ever happened to me or it would take the last sliver of what was left of my damaged heart.

“Bug, I wouldn’t be here begging for your attention if I didn’t think I could make you happy. You’re important to me. Your family is important to me. Seeing you tonight instilled feelings in me that I haven’t felt in a long time, if ever. I want you to give me this week.”

“One week. And then what?”

“Then maybe I’ll win your heart. You’ve always had a piece of mine.”

I swallowed hard. I’d given up on the idea of Archer when he didn’t come home after college. Only hearing about his life casually from my brother and seeing him briefly over the holidays. Now, he was offering me the olive branch of romance and potential love and I wanted to throw up. I was scared to tell him the truth and more afraid not to. I could easily be broken by this man.

“Why me?”

“You’re kidding, right? You’re successful, desirable, beautiful and sexy as hell.”

“My self-confidence doesn’t extend that far outside the operating room these days. But, I appreciate the compliments.” I took the last sip of my beer. I needed a distraction. “Want another beer?”

“No, Bug, I want you!”

“So you say, but all I have to offer is the beer.” I grabbed his bottle and started the climb over his long legs when pulled me back down to the couch. He grabbed both empty bottles from my hands and set them down on the coffee table. Then swiftly pulled me into arms.

“Quit evading me and look me in the eyes. I have never wanted anything more than I want you. You think I go around making offers of possible love and a future? I’m not the kid you knew fifteen years ago. Give me one week to prove I’m the perfect gentleman. The perfect lover. The perfect man. You’ve got nothing to lose.”

I stared at him and wondered if he’d completely lost his mind or if I’d lost mine. Was I actually considering this stupidity? He said I had nothing to lose, but he was wrong. I had everything to lose. Namely, my heart. I was scared shitless and didn’t know if I could give him what he wanted.

He wanted an answer - a firm “yes.” His eyes were pleading, optimistic. I smiled awkwardly because I didn’t know what else to do. It was the glimmer of hope he wanted. His face came to mine and his whispered hotly over my mouth. “I have to kiss you.”

I sat unmoving and unprepared. Not ready to accept or deny the prospect of him or the kiss that threatened to consume me. “Archer…”

“Too late.” He leaned down over me, his chest against mine, pressured and warm. He didn’t immediately kiss me but remained within inches of my face, staring into my eyes. The answers were there and he knew it. I was his a long time ago. I just needed to find my way back.

“Kiss me already!” I begged.

His lips were soft and tender when they finally reached mine. I was powerless not to let whatever was about to happen take its natural course. I didn’t know how the week would turn out, but I was so hungry for his kiss, I’d take my chances.

Our tongues glided against one another in a slow dance of passion, tangled and wet. I couldn’t stop my hands from reaching for his neck and head. Burying my fingers into the tousled locks I’d admired all evening. He moaned into my mouth and the gesture of want wasn’t missed. I could feel his kiss cover me like rich, warm honey.

Every inch of my body became hyperaware. The swell of my breasts heavy between us. My panties were seeping with a flush of pent-up desire and the deep throb between the apex of my thighs growing more desperate with his advance on my mouth. My body was selling me out. I was a wanton ball of lust. My heart was pounding heavily against my sternum, threatening to burst free from my chest. My breathing was growing more labored as he devoured me with the abandon of a starving man who'd finally found salvation in the taste of me.

My grip on Archer tightened. I absolutely wanted whatever it was he was offering. Even if it meant the destruction of my heart.

He pulled his lips from mine, the subtle curl of his smile rose to his eyes and spoke volumes. He’d won.

I was so taken with him. I’d concede for now and let the pieces fall where they may later. For the first time in a long time, I felt a glimmer of genuine happiness.

“One week. No holding back, no holding out,” he demanded.

“You crazy. I’d say ‘no’, but you’re so damn cocky. I’ll take the challenge. Oh, and all that bragging about your dick on the porch earlier. It better live up the hype.”

“Christ, Katie. I think my shit just shrunk.”

“You were bragging and high fiving my brother when I threatened castration.” I gleamed beneath him. My words were playful, but the hint of expectations lingered between us like a heavy rope. My body was fully aware of the blanket of masculine flesh above me. “Bob might have a run for his money.”

“Bob. Who the hell is Bob? Michael said you weren’t dating anyone. Please don’t tell me I’m going to have to kick someone’s ass already?”

“No, Silly!” My body shuddered beneath him with uncontrolled giggling. Did I really have to tell him who Bob was? “B.O.B. – battery operated boyfriend.”

He jumped up like I’d electrocuted him. “No, way!”

“Listen, I’m a talented surgeon whose put her career ahead of love, marriage, and SEX! Right or wrong, it is, what it is. B.O.B. has stood by me the whole way.”

His eyes searched mine questioningly. “Are you serious?”

“Dead,” I replied with an easy grin, willing him to challenge me.

With the same quickness he’d used to jump from the couch, he was back on me. This time with his hands buried in my sides tickling me. I flew back onto the couch, my legs wiggling wildly as he continued the onslaught of playful punishment for the indiscretion of using a vibrator. I’d evidently touched a soft spot with my aggressive suitor.

I could hardly contain myself and begged for him to stop. He was relentless…and continued like it was a ruthless game. One he had to win.

“Arch, stop!” I screamed. “I swear I’m going to piss myself.”

“Never again!” His breath was hot on my lips. “Say it!”

“Say what?” I grabbed his flailing, octopus arms and held them tight against my waist. I could barely comprehend what he wanted me to say. Every word from his lips felt lustful. I was in a daze of physical angst from the torture to my flanks, but when he spoke all I could think about was kissing him…and more.

“Never again,” he said. “No vibrators, or B.O.B., or whatever you call it…NEVER, EVER, EVER!”

I finally found my labored voice and managed to slip out the one hot word that would finish him off. “Jealous!”

The relentless teasing came to an abrupt halt with my mocking word. “I will not share you with anyone. That includes anything rubber, plastic, still or vibrating.”

He rolled off of my body and I missed the weight of him immediately. I reached out to touch his thigh, but he leaned back towards me and my hand grazed the tight bulge that had settled beneath his zipper. I pulled my hand away quickly like I’d mistakenly touched the red ember of hot coal. But, it was too late. The silly knowing smirk was already curling the sides his lips.

He reached for my burning hand and pulled me to my feet. My legs were like jelly beneath me and I clutched his hand tighter to steady myself. “Where are they?”

He pulled me tight to his chest and kissed the tip of my nose. Then with the quickness of a gazelle, bolted for my bedroom.

“Archer Thomas, you better get out of my bedroom.” I ran quickly behind him and he stood in the middle of my bedroom with a shit-eating grin from ear to ear. “You’re crazy.”

“If I find them, Bug, they’re gone.”

“How juvenile!” I walked up to him and put my finger in the middle of his chest. “Quit acting like a baby. Maybe you’re nervous about the competition.”

“Don’t challenge me, Bug,” he growled under sexual duress. “The start of this romance will be me fucking you silly right here and now.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“Don’t challenge me because I absolutely would. My dick is so hard I’m about to cum in my jeans.”


“I’m serious. If I don’t get out of here, I’m going to make good on that offer. So, as a gentleman and your future husband, I’m going to kiss you and leave.”

“Future husband?” I couldn’t contain my amusement and laughed freely at the audacity of his comment. “You’re nuts!”

“Yes, I am…about you.” He kissed me chastely on the lips and maneuvered around me to exit my bedroom. “I’ll pick you tomorrow at 5:30. Snappy casual attire and open for anything.”

“Should I be nervous?”


He opened the front door but stood there staring at me. The way his eyes fall over me had heat scorching my insides. “Come here.”

With the excitement of a child and a skip to my step, I walked up to the man who’d jumpstarted my heart. I was no longer interested in denying him my affection.

He put his warm hands on both my cheeks. Holding my face in the most magical way and glided his luscious wet tongue across my willing mouth. I parted my lips to allow him entry. His kisses were magic - soft, hungry and passionate. They were needy, yet giving. He was making love to my mouth and stealing my resolve. I loved it.

I took the depth of his passion and gave him mine in return. I could feel the desire between us ignite like a welcome flame, burning deep in my chest and settling between my legs. A hungry moan escaped my throat and my fingers nestled into the belt loops of his jeans, pulling him closer until his body was flush with mine. The hard length of his erection was caressing my pelvis like an iron fist. I was losing every ounce of self-control. His lips slowly pulled away from mine, but his captivating brown eyes never wavered.

“I should have come back for you sooner.” He released my face and I unlaced my fingers from his waist reluctantly. He turned, gave me a quick peck on the lips and reminded me of our date tomorrow, then walked out the door.

“Holy shit.” I heard his words from behind the door as he walked away. I concurred.

What happened to ‘no?’ I was in deep, deep shit with Archer. I’d been challenged to one week of romance with my childhood crush. I wasn’t sure about the next seven days, but I was sure about one thing - I had a date with B.O.B. tonight!

Keep checking back often. Merger Complete is the next book to be released. I'm shooting for May 2015. Saying Yes is still in the hands of Harlequin. Happy reading my friends!

Heather M. Miles

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