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Query Letters: How to win a publisher or learn how to handle rejection!

So, it is time for the daunting task of writing a letter so compelling that publisher’s burn up my email, call my phone non-stop or mail me incessantly requesting the opportunity to read and publish my manuscript. Not an easy task since they get letters from authors all day claiming that they are the next J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter, for those of you non-nerds, like myself. While were on the subject, if you've never read the books, you've missed out on some of the greatest writing ever! Just a little shout out to Rowling, who had me missing work to devour each book and my husband, god bless him, waiting on release day to get Harry's next school year at Hogwarts while I waited on baited breath to get it in my hot hand

At any rate, imagine trying to sell someone on your manuscript and you, as a first time author, in one simple 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. That's right, only one page to basically write a book jacket length synopsis of your entire novel which will capture their interest and get them begging for the full manuscript. No easy task!

I have my query letter saved and I have reworked it now, three times. I am going to hit the biggest publishing houses first and then I will basically implode the rest.

Rest assured, if for any reason I'm rejected, which clearly won't happen...right? I will self-publish and you will get my book regardless. There’s no stigma with self-publishing and honestly, it is much more profitable for the author. However, I think that most authors want to legitimize their writing and being picked up by a publishing house does just that. So this is when I have to believe, and I do, that my work is absolutely worth their effort.

Today, I am making sure that my letter is the greatest sales pitch of me and my work. Fingers crossed!

Be on the lookout. I was interviewed by the Cleveland Current about my writing career and the “blip” on me as a writer should be in the newspaper in the next week or so.

I have already started book two of my treasured characters, Joshua and K.K., and look forward to continuing their journey. The cliff from which I leave you hanging in book one will almost surely kill you, so I am hitting the keyboard nightly to get it out as soon after the first one is published as possible.

Happy Friday!


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