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Character Interview # 2: Kasey (K.K.) Blakely

1. Please tell us your name and a little about your background.

Kasey Kelly Blakely. My friends and family call me, K.K. I’m the daughter of Robert Blakely and the late Lydia Blakely. I'm an only child and heir to my father’s dynasty, but it's the inheritance from my mother that funds my life. My salary isn't chump change by any means, but it wasn't what put me in the penthouse on Fifth Avenue. I'm a power elite that’s on the Top 100 Women to Watch list. An energetic, no-frills or bullshit kind of girl, who stands proudly in a man’s world. I have executed contracts with the shrewdness of a sniper, but never without adding a touch of charm and a dazzling smile. Nothing throws the competitor off more than believing I’m the beautiful mouth-piece of my father’s corporation, only to learn I’m a cut-throat corporate raider who will own your ass before you even know what hit you. I graduated the top of my class with an MBA from Harvard. There's no half-ass anything in my world.

My biggest downfall…Joshua Crawford. The only man who was off limits. But he finagled a way into my head, my bed and then he stole my heart. I was screwed the minute he looked at me with those rich pools of blue, five o’clock shadow and chiseled jaw. Then he lied about who he was and damn I should have run, but I wanted him like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. So he's mine.

Oh…I just found out that I have an uncle. His name is Richard. Our first meeting didn’t go so well. And guess what? He’s my father’s identical twin and was madly in love with my mother. The story is still unfolding as we speak.

2. What is your greatest fear?

Losing everything I hold dear. That I can’t have the dream. I want it all…love, marriage, kids. A husband who’s not only a lover but a friend. It’s tangible and within my reach. I can taste it. But there always seems to be an obstacle in my way. Josh and I are partners in the merger of our corporations. We knew it was going to be a challenge to have a relationship in and out of the office, but he sold me on the dream that we can have both and here we are. There are days I think it’s all too much. When it comes to business, I’m brilliant and I never second guess myself, but with Josh…hell, I’m all over the damn place. I’m scared shitless to let him down, but I’m crazy in love with him. I want to run to him, but find myself running away. He’s California and I’m New York. He’s a house on the beach and I’m a penthouse in a city that never sleeps. I pray that love is enough to bridge the gaps.

3. Whom do you trust the most?

I’d like to think, myself, but lately, I have doubts. I’m brilliant in one aspect of my life and stupidly befuddled in the other. Dating has never been my forte. I always migrate to the assholes, or they find me, hoping to ride the coattails of my position and wealth. Josh needs neither of those things and while he’s arrogant as all hell, he’s not an asshole. I trust him explicitly. He’s focused and driven to get what he wants, which includes me. Talk about intense. I think this is the point in the conversation where I sigh. Ahhhhhhh…

4. What is your greatest weakness?

Joshua Crawford and my homemade margaritas. I apparently can’t say no to either one.

5. What is your greatest strength?

When it comes to business, I can’t and won’t be beaten. No, never means no. There is no such thing as obstacles that can’t be overcome, and I love a challenge. Go ahead and set the bar high, make me work for it. I’ll jump higher and run faster than my competitor.

6. Is there someone special in your life?

Joshua Crawford, son of James Crawford, brother of Jacob Crawford and future CEO of West Coast division of the Blakely-Crawford Conglomerate. He's my partner, lover, and friend. He’s drop-dead gorgeous with dark brown hair, mesmerizing blue eyes that hold you captive and make you want to say yes to anything. And I do mean…everything. He gives a whole new meaning to tall dark and handsome, with a ripple of abs that float deliciously into beautifully cut hips. I’d love to tell you about all his other accolades, but those things are personal and all mine. He’s brains and brawn and sexy as hell, and his kisses have the power to melt lace. He’s utterly yummy in every single way.

7. What obstacles stand in the way of your happiness?

Only me. Oh, and this bitch of an assistant in California, named Megan. But like I said, no challenge won't be met. Her days are numbered.

8. What is the worst thing you ever had to do and why did you feel compelled to do it?

I lied about my interactions with Jake. He’s just a friend, but I did kiss him the night I met him, despite telling him I wasn’t interested. Too much dancing, too much wine and he's quite the playboy he's dubbed to be. When his lips fell on mine, I had to find out if he tasted as good as he looked. I didn’t know the connection between the brothers until a day later. It was nothing, and happened before Josh and I got together. But I never mentioned the flowers he sent me, telling me he missed my smile. My best friend, Beth, was the recipient of one hell of a bouquet of flowers and a wet t-shirt when I spilled the water down her chest. I’ll never forget the look on her face…priceless.

9. What would you sacrifice to be with your special someone?

My life in New York for life in California. I’ve never led him to believe that I’d leave my life behind, but I’d give up everything for him. Guard the secret, he’d use it against me. He loves his home in Malibu and I can’t say I don’t like the idea of living on the beach. No more winter’s sounds like a dream come true and let’s be totally honest…he’s worth it.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely. That blue-eyed God stole my breath with just one look.

11. If you could travel back in time to change one thing in your past, what would it be?

Screw it. I’m going with no regrets.

12. What's the future hold for the great Kasey Kelly Blakely, future CEO, daughter, and partner and girlfriend to Joshua Crawford?

My legacy is assured. I am a Blakely tried and true. The merger between Crawford Enterprises and Blakely Incorporated couldn’t have been more successful. My biggest competitor is now my ally. I gained not only a partner in Joshua but a lover and friend. He said I could have it all, love, marriage and kids. I’m buying into the dream. He said he was worth the risk and he is. He’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I’ve been searching for my whole life. I don’t just love him…I’m in love with him.

My Life...

Kasey Kelly Blakely

Everything's better at the top!

Blakely Incorporated

The apple of my eye!


Led Zepplin - All My Love

In the coming weeks, I will be featuring all the character's in the Merger series, as well as Saying Yes. Next up...Jacob Crawford.

Tonight starts the beginning of a new era in my sleepy college town. The Grammy Museum opens!

Oh...and today was day one of recording my audio book for Saying Yes. I also auditioned for four other novels. We shall see my friends...we shall see.

As always...stay tuned in and turned on.

Happy reading!

Heather Miles

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