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My way of saying thank you - A free book!

This is a newletter exclusive to kick off the beginning of 2016! If you are on my email list, and haven't read every single title of mine - MERGER, MERGER UNDONE, MERGER COMPLETE and SAYING YES and you'd like to read any one title. I am offering to gift you a copy. I will honor this for anyone that's linked to the email list. It's only going out to the group and I'm happy to kick of the new year with a giveaway. It's that simple. Just reply to this newletter and let me know which book you want and it's yours.

For those of you that have read any or all of my titles I can't thank you enough for the ongoing support. I ask that you please offer a review of my books. It doesn't even have to be a worded review, it can be a starred review, just please give it. Love or hate it, reviews matter in the book world. Here's the links to review my work on the two sites that matter the most.

As for resolutions...well, mine haven't changed. To be in tip-top shape and write more. I have a three book goal for 2016. I did it for 2015 and I'll match it or break it.

Have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2016!

As always...stay tuned in and turned on!

Heather M. Miles

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