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A woman is dangerous when she is armed with beauty and a sense of humor, as she becomes irresistibly addictive. – Alfred Cano

So, I'm knee deep in writing and close to completion with my new novella - Claiming Emerson. The story is much more enticing and dramatic than I’d originally thought it would be. The characters are all unique and the unfolding story will be as tantilizing as it is captivating. There's an excerpt below of Emerson's time at the Louvre with her mentor Raphael Larose. She's a force to be reckoned with even in her youth. The story will unfold, mixing the past with the present, intertwining the events that shape and mold her into the woman she enticing, seductive female who only truly loved one man, but gives herself to many.

I'm writing for National Writing Novel Month (NaNo). It's fininshing a 50K word novel in the month of November. I've never written a novel less than 85K words, excluding the novella series, but I have so many ideas to choose from. I've had a lot of reviews of the Merger series and I've been asked recently if I will continue the story. Now that K.K. has fully committed to Josh, what's next? What's going to happen with Jake? God, don't you just love Jake (yummy). I've given it some thought and it's not out of the question. I write daily and have so much going on right now that I'm not sure when or if I'll tackle it, but I wanted to let everyone know that it's not out of the question. Regardless, I'm plugging away on everything. Claiming Emerson, Desired, Prescription For Love, Beneath The Vines (with my co-writing partner D.K. Silver) and so much more.

Saying Yes is the bain of my existence right now. The editor of my dreams wants me to cut it by 18K words and I just don't know that I want to do it. I'm on the fence about just going ahead and publishing it myself and letting the cards fall where they may. I can cut it in half and it's still two full novels. I've considered having another look at it, but darn when it's your work it's tough to cut anything. I've rewritten the darn thing three times. When is enough, enough? Any thoughts on what you guys think is welcomed. It's really good...No...I mean it's really good!

Claiming Emerson

Book 1: Becomming Emerson

Il n'y a pas en cours d'exécution dans le plus grand musée sur terre, mon cher. There’s no running in the greatest museum on earth, my dear,” said my boss, Raphael Larose. His arms were crossed over his chest in disbelief. A carnal sin had just been committed. Me…the culprit of ruin. He stared at me as if I’d clearly lost my mind. Steam rose from his head like a billowing cloud of acidic rain and a slow frustrated smile settled over his cheeks.

I offered an apologetic smile and bowed my head. “Oui, monsieur.”

“Your tour should be here shortly, Ms. Anee. I assume you will use more composure with the children. God forbid we let them believe the Louvre is anything less than an archive for the most exquisite works of art ever to be displayed.”

Oui, monsieur. God forbid.”

He shook his head and sighed. Raphael was the most uptight, intimidating man I’d ever encountered, but I admired his knowledge and his quick wit, notwithstanding the fact that he was drop-dead gorgeous. He wore bespoke suits that were as classic and refined as his position, always so well groomed and put together you would be hard-pressed to find fault in his style. He was every bit as tantalizing to look at as the works of Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso. Every single detail thought through with the exacting precision of a finely honed scalpel, never a hair out of place or a misplaced wrinkle. He was consummate perfection at its finest, and scary as hell.

I’d become his pet…his muse. He’d taken me under his wing and fostered my dreams, always prodding me for more – more knowledge, more drive, more yearning to grasp life and never relent to unfulfilled dreams. He believed in me when I found myself in doubt, bolstering my fears and pushing me to soar towards success. He wasn’t just my mentor, he was more. Despite never telling him so, I had immense love and respect for him – perhaps even a crush. He had even written a glowing letter to the University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne on my behalf. Saying my knowledge of art and art history was beyond any he’d ever encountered in a youth my age. That I was the freshest and brightest mind he’d encountered in all his years in the art world. I told him I had big plans and that perhaps I’d have his job. He laughed, but I didn’t.

I volunteered at the Louvre because I loved the many facets and mediums of art and the history of how they came to be, the creators as well as the significance behind the work. I savored each stroke of paint, each etched line of bronze and silver. The flow of lace and silk, velvet and satin, sewn to perfection under the tutelage of the most masterful fashion icons in the world. The heaviness of solid gold in ancient jewelry, vases, chalices and crowns, clay pots dated before Christ, chipped but still alive for the world to see. The masters, the newbies, those who lived full, rich lives and those that died before their time.

“Em,” Raphael called to me from across the foyer.

“Yes, monsieur,” I replied, turning around with renewed confidence.

“What did Rembrandt seek to achieve through his art?” He looked at me pensively, rubbing his chin thoughtfully with skilled fingers I’d imagined on more than one occasion stroking the pulse of my neck or the intimate flesh between my thighs. He was the cat and I was the canary. A slip of yellow feather dangled from his lips until I snatched it out with the answer – unchallenged by his question…always prepared, always ready.

“Easy, monsieur.” I smiled. “Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, the most preeminent painter ever, sought to attain the greatest and most natural movement.”

His grin was like a blast of sun reaching across the room to stroke my heart. “Oui, Em, Oui.”

“I’ll go one further.” I loved to show off. “beweechgelickhij.”

He laughed. “Your Dutch is sketchy but go on.”

I stuck my tongue out playfully and he laughed more. “beweechgelickhij,” I repeated just to unnerve him. “He wanted the power to meld the earthly with the spiritual.”

Oui, Em,” he yelled excitedly across the grand foyer. “Did he succeed?”

“Like no other, monsieur.” I turned and walked away, ever the student, but now the would-be principal of a different Louvre.


I cascaded down the stairs beaming with delight as the children followed with bated breath. I’d wowed. I’d charmed. I’d educated in a way no other could. Anxious boys smiled brightly and the girls twirled and chirped with approval. I was a whirlwind of knowledge. I thrived to awaken unsuspecting, eager minds, inspiring kids that barely noticed the displays before them to take a deeper look, to discover the richer minute details they’d never before considered. They took measure in my excitement as I explained the works of the masters. I gave a loving tap to each head and a pinch to the cheek of the best boy who clung to my every word like the slow drip of sugar to an unrelenting sweet tooth. He didn’t have a clue, but I admired his tenacity. He had evidently learned the way to a woman’s heart. Merely act enthusiastic and beam adornigly when called upon. He excelled at both. I knelt down and fixed the crooked slipknot at his neck then patted down his cabled vest, righting him to perfection.

“Did you enjoy yourself, little one?”

Oui, Madame.” His soft lips curled at the corners and his hands were twisted into a nervous tangle. He reached and fingered a strand of my hair. “Vous êtes comme le feu.” He blushed.

“Now English, little one,” I tapped my finger on his nose and he giggled with such joviality I wanted to melt.

“You are like fire.” He reached out and touched my cheek with a clumsy hand, padding my face gently like he was checking to see if I were real. “Fire,” he repeated.

I couldn’t disagree with his analogy, but he was missing another element…ice. I was both. “Oui. You are too sweet.”

“Come, little flirt,” his teacher yelled from the side. I stood up and pointed to the direction he needed to flee and he took off at a run. I shook my head and let out a hearty laugh. You didn’t run in the greatest museum on planet earth.

Raphael Larose


Emerson Anee

A Little Halloween Trivia:

First person to get them all right wins $25.00 Starbucks gift card - Good luck!

(just send me your answers: 1-b,2-c, etc.)

1. Who is the killer in Friday The 13th?

A) Jason Voorhees

B) Alice Hardy

C) Pamela Voorhees

D) Ned Rubinstein

2. Halloween H20 features a cast member from Psycho. Who is it?

A) Anthony Perkins

B) Jamie Lee Curtis

C) Norman Bates

D) Janet Leigh

3. What are the police officer’s names in Freddy Vs. Jason?

A) Officer Franco & Officer Rogan

B) Officer Garcia & Officer Page

C) Officer Reznor & Officer Cobain

D) Officer Cyrus & Officer Duff

4. What snack is Tallahassee searching for in Zombieland?

A) Ho-Hos

B) Sno Balls

C) Snickers

D) Twinkies

5. What is the name of the motel in Psycho?

A) Bel Air Motel

B) Slumberland

C) Bates Motel

D) Crave Inn

6. Name the radio station Glen listens to in A Nightmare On Elm Street





7. Halloween primarily takes place in which state?

A) Ohio

B) Indiana

C) California

D) Illinois

8. The characters in this horror movie are seen watching Shaun of The Dead. Name the movie.

A) Zombieland

B) Final Destination

C) Halloween H20

D) Scream 4

9. What is the name of the serial killer at the start of Child’s Play?

A) The Lakeshore Strangler

B) The Lincoln Park Loon

C) The North Shore Killer

D) The South Side Psycho

10. What is the name of the hotel in The Shining?

A) The Majestic

B) The Lenox

C) The Sierra

D) The Overlook

11. Who directed Saw?

A) Robert Rodriguez

B) Eli Roth

C) James Wan

D) Quentin Tarantino

12. What is the name of Ripley’s cat in Alien?

A) Mr Boots

B) Garfield

C) Jonesy

D) Orion

13. Ghostface’s mask in Scream is based on a painting by which famous artist?

A) Édouard Manet

B) Andy Warhol

C) Edvard Munch

D) Claude Monet

14. The Ring is originally based on a 1998 horror movie from which country?

A) Ireland

B) Japan

C) Australia

D) Indonesia

15. How many Friday The 13th movies are there?

A) 7

B) 12

C) 9

D) 5

16. What is the name of the main protagonist in Night of The Living Dead?

A) Billy

B) Steve

C) Freddy

D) Ben

17. In A Nightmare On Elm Street, Nancy runs up a flight of squishy stairs. What substance did the special effects crew use to make them look squishy?

A) Glue

B) Pudding

C) Bisquick

D) Oatmeal

18. Before becoming a director, Wes Craven was originally a

A) Fireman

B) Mechanic

C) College Professor

D) Architect

19. What is the name of the electronics store Shaun works at in Shaun Of The Dead?

A) Kruger

B) Best Buy

C) Foree

D) Target

20. Kevin Williamson was inspired to write Scream after watching a documentary about which real-life serial killer?

A) Ted Bundy

B) The Gainesville Ripper

C) Charles Manson

D) The Boston Strangle

Now this is just plain easy and cool:

Roasted Marshmallow Kahlua Shots

Here's what I'm listening to: Wet - Deadwater

As always...stay tuned in and turned on!

Sincerely yours,

Heather M. Miles

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