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Up, up and away!

With New York City a thing of the past, it's onwards and upwards. The national convention for Romance Writer's of America was last week. I made so many wonderful connections this year and reconnected with my friends from here and abroad. I always love attending, but I'm glad to get home. A week with two thousand women in one hotel can be a bit overwhelming. The conference culminated with the awards ceremony on Saturday night. The Rita’s and Golden Heart winners. It’s our version of the Oscars. It was a great night for everyone that took home awards and for those that didn't win, it was an honor to be listed in their prospective categories. Tiffany Reisz won for erotic contemporary with The Sinner Series. Since it's the category I'd be competing in, it's the one that I always take note of and try to read all the authors that make the nominations. The Sinner Series is on my "to read" list on Goodreads and I've uploaded it to my Kindle. She was a delight to meet.

I came back from the conference on a high. I pitched my book SAYING YES this year, despite the fact that I am still in talks with Loose Id. Since they have yet to offer me a contract, I'm keeping my options open. I really wanted to find an agent and I think I might have scored one of the best. Jessica Alvarez with Bookends. She'd be a dream agent so I'm submitting my book and hoping for the best. I did pitch to 5 other editors and agents and they all requested full copies of my manuscript. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Me and my author/editor are doing a once over on SAYING YES and then it's out of my hands.

I have released the box set for MERGER The Complete Series Books 1-3. At this time, it's only on Amazon. I’m in the process of pushing into the other platforms: Kobo, IBooks, Nook and Smashwords, but until then it’s Kindle only.

Here's what I'm making for Happy Hour:

Mint Juleps

Here's what I'm listening to:

Slave To Love by Bryan Ferry

Made popular in the sexiest movie of its time - 9 1/2 Weeks

Happy Reading! Stay tuned in and turned on!

Heather M. Miles

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