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Open your mind to anything. Be limitless!

I'm writing, as always, but reading voraciously. The books I'm reading are exotic, erotic, scary, shocking and downright lustful. The more I read, the more I want to delve further into the deep end. There are no boundaries. I'm finding out there's a whole other world of writers that are producing some tantalizing works that I might have never considered reading. Sometimes you have to cross a line and find one book that pushes you into something new. I can't count the number of times I have talked about the book Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas, on my blog, or live, for anyone that would listen. It changed my world forever. I used to read thrillers and mysteries and rarely dabbled in the genre I write - erotic and contemporary romance. But, when I opened that dark erotic book, I thought: "Holy Shit...what did I just read." I couldn't put the damn thing down. It was unlike anything I'd ever read. Once I accepted the fact that I loved the darkness, the hardcore sex and sadomasochism, I was off and running. Since then I've been open to anything.

On Goodreads, I am part of a few author groups, but as a reader, the group I participate in most is EROTICA. I think it's one of the largest on Goodreads. If not, it's close. They are relentless and avid readers of the genre and the reason I am privy to so many books I wouldn't normally be able to find on my own. If you don't know an fervent reader that can turn you on to new books, it would be beneficial to find a group that caters to your likes. Or, maybe, jump into a group that caters to something you might not have considered.

At any rate, I accepted the Erotica Goodreads challenge for the month of May. The moderator is creative with her challenges. Let's just say it was no small feat to put my three books together.

It was a three-tiered challenge, called "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." Funny, but true. You could do Level 1 (3 books), Level 2 (6 books), or Level 3 (6 books + 4 challenge books). Yeah right 10 books - eeekkkkk! Maybe if I didn't write all day. Anyway, I can handle three books and picked Level 1.

The matrix was exacting and hard to put together. Book one had to be a book from the bookshelves of one of the other challengers and they had to rate the book five stars. Not an easy thing to find because we all know five-star reviews can be hard to obtain. I appreciate every single one I've ever gotten. Thank you to my devoted fans! Book two had to have the same first initial of the author's last name from the first book. Again, jeez! And the last book had to tie back to book one by two degrees. So, after a day of combing the shelves of others, here's what I came up with.

Task #1: Book one - Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark) by Pepper Winters (5 Stars)

Task #3: Book two - Dark Lover by J. R. Ward (Same Initial)

Task #6: Book three - Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark, book 2) by Pepper Winters. (5 stars and related to book one as the sequel)

I have been reading mainstream erotica, but the Life of Anna series was so twisted and gut-wrenching that I thought - if I can read that book (there's actually five in all) I can read anything. I'm not new to reading hardcore novels and novella's, but my fascination with the more off-color or taboo topics have taken a spike. I use the word taboo loosely because what is taboo to most people isn't all that taboo to me. I will read almost anything. If it's well written, I'll probably love it. It it's well written, the plot and storyline compel me and the hero's melt-in-your-mouth hot, you'll hear about it.

So, those are the three books that I'm diving into for the challenge. Maybe you guys can step off the proverbial cliff, live on the edge, and read them as well. Either way it's nice to break out of the reading shell every now and then. Had I not read one book - just one little book that changed everything - I'd be writing mysteries and thrillers (there's actually one put away that I need to dust off at some point), not mouthwatering romance novels that leave you breathless and panting.

MERGER COMPLETE is in full swing and 60K in words. It's shaping up nicely. Some will be happy and some will be sad, but in the end one man will make a stand and claim his forever.

There is a line that I wrote in MERGER COMPLETE that made me want to melt! It was so incredible I added it to a special file I keep for sentences that are prolific and pop like stars on the page. (highlighted below)

The setup: Dr. Jeremy Nichols is finally able to steal a moment with K.K. She's reluctant in his arms, but as always, she's captivated by his words.

Excerpt from MERGER UNDONE:

The song turned into a whisper and his feet stilled on the marble floor, but the sway of his hips continued against mine. The seduction of his closeness sent goosebumps trailing over my skin. When the soft swell of tender words finally settled over the shell of my ear, I was left in awe. “I’m going to love you back to life, back to happiness.”

“Jeremy…” I whispered softly. It was just his name, but I didn’t need to say more.

“I can try to be your friend, but I want more. I know my timing isn’t perfect, but if you open yourself up to the idea of something better, something authentic and real, you’ll find everything you need and desire is right in front of you. I want you to take the gift of a love that’s kind and compassionate, caring and giving, passionate and true. Love isn’t supposed to be demanding and hard. It’s not pushing and pulling till you get what you want from it. It’s a friendship that blossoms into a lifetime of wonder and joy, experiences and the fulfillment of dreams. It’s being cherished for who you are. I can give you everything if you let me. It’s my offer. You just need to decide if you’re willing to accept it.”

I was afraid to move my head from his chest. I was petrified to look into his eyes. What would I find when I met the gaze of emeralds waiting to search my soul? Everything that fell from his mouth was deep and profound. Who wouldn’t want a love like that? Who wouldn’t fight tooth and nail to be loved so thoroughly?

“I don’t know what to say.” My words were barely a whisper, but the only ones I could push forward.

“I don’t expect you to say anything. I won’t push you, K.K. I need you to want me. I’m more than a kiss on your worst day, I’m a kiss on your best day.” He was a masterful poet of meaningful words and I was in a trance of desire, absorbing him like the heat of the sun. Not only physically, but my mind and heart yearned for all he was offering. Hope was a powerful aphrodisiac. Each well played word made me want to claim his mouth and seek the magic I knew I’d find behind his tender lips.


Here's a Music Monday special to start off the week: Simply Red - Sunrise

Have a wonderful week. Stay tuned in and ready for whatever comes your way. Take a leap into a new book!

Your wordsmith and friend,

Heather M. Miles

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