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MERGER UNDONE, book two in the MERGER series is finally out the door and available in print through Createspace and Amazon. The ebook version is available on Kindle. I am trying to upload to the other platforms: Kobo, Nook and Apple. Man, it’s been a long time coming and you have all been so patient with me. I am already writing book three, MERGER COMPLETE and promise to have it to you in May.

Here’s the back copy of the book:

When Kasey (K.K.) Blakely closes the biggest merger of her life, she never expected to fall in love with her business partner, Joshua Crawford. He’s brilliant, sexy and totally enamored with her. It’s a lethal combination for a sheltered heart. She knows mixing business with pleasure can be disastrous, but takes a leap of faith and goes to Los Angeles. Two weeks to work on the new alliance of their partnership and relationship. But when Josh walks out of the men’s restroom on the heels of his assistant everything she’d tried to avoid unravels around her. Confused and angry, K.K. turns to her only friend to escape the nightmare that unfolds: her boyfriend’s brother and well-known playboy, Jake Crawford.

Frantic to plead his innocence, Josh pulls out every stop to save his relationship with the only woman he’s ever loved. But tragedy strikes again when K.K.’s father falls ill and she has to leave to go back to New York. Brokenhearted, K.K., has to decide once and for all if she's going to move forward with her partner, or go about business as usual.

As her father lies dying, she takes over as CEO of the east coast side of the Blakely-Crawford Corporation. But it’s hard to lead when your partner is also the lover who has left you scorned.

Merger Undone is the unraveling of hearts and dreams, truths and lies. With new obstacles, unlikely connections and the future of a merger at stake, K.K. is set into a tailspin. How can Josh hope for a happily ever after when there’s more than one man willing to catch her when she falls.

Who wins when everything is at stake?

Enjoy the MERGER UNDONE and stay tuned in for what’s next. SAYING YES is still in the hands of a few publishing houses and I think I’m going to try for a traditional contract. If Harlequin passes, I’ll make my decision about how I want to proceed. My critique partner really wants me to market to more publishers. I am actively working on my query letter (the dreaded query) and will keep plugging away at perfecting it. In the meantime, I will be working on MERGER COMPLETE, and then it’s back to PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE. I put a five book goal out there for 2015 and I’m off and running towards making that happen.

Thanks for the support and enjoy the hot read!!!!!

Heather M. Miles

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