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The 12 Days of Christmas - Day Two!

Welcome to Day Two! The 12 Days of Christmas


Today’s theme is favorite Christmas movie. And while there are several to choose from, none seems to capture my heart like the jovial classic, A Christmas Story.

Who can forget Ralph and his family? The bee-bee gun that he longed to have, but would “shoot his eye out,” the prolific use of the “f-word”, which he credited to his friend, instead of his father, and the fishnet-clad leg lamp. Not, to mention, an all-time classic phrase every child uses to taunt friends into doing the unthinkable – “The double-dog dare.”

For me, it doesn’t get any better. We watch the movie annually to celebrate the season of giving. What’s your favorite holiday movie? From animations, like the Peanut’s Christmas, to A Miracle on 34th Street, there’s something that makes Christmas special for everyone.

Today’s Featured Author:

Tracey Livesay

Not on sale until 12/29

Pretending with the Playboy.jpg

Commitment makes you weak. It's playboy Carter Richardson's motto. The only exception to the rule is his aunt, and when Carter learns she's terminally ill, he rushes to her bedside. Filled with fear and guilt—and desperate to ease his aunt's mind—Carter does the only thing a guy could do...he panics and blurts out that he's engaged to his aunt's enticing protégée.

Lauren Olsen has already had her heart crushed once by Carter. Against her better judgment, she agrees to keep up appearances—until Carter makes their “engagement” public in order to protect the family business. Now Lauren's torn between obeying her conscience, and obeying her desire. Because while she could never trust the womanizing Carter she once knew, she seems to be falling for the man beneath the playboy...

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Happy Holidays!

Heather M. Miles

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