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It's Finally Here: The 12 Days of Christmas!

Well, I’ve been promoting and plugging this for almost a week and it’s finally here. 22 authors sharing and caring enough to bring you goodies galore, books that entice, and the promise of more to come. So from now till Christmas Day, check back often and share this link with everyone one you know.

Today's theme is favorite dessert! I wouldn't say this is my absolute favorite dessert, becuase people that know me well, know I love carrot cake, but anytime I'm asked to bring a dessert, these little gems always show up.

Mini Lemon Tarts with Berries

1 container fat free Cool Whip

2 jars Lemon Curd (I make mine homemade, but in a pinch, let someone else do the work)

3 boxes Mini Tartlet's (usually in in the baking aisle)




Let the cool whip sit out about 15 mintues. You don't want it thawed, but workable. Mix one full jar of the lemon curd into the cool whip. Then add more based on how lemony you want it to be. Assemble the tarts onto a platter. Scoop a half of a teaspoon full into each tart shell and then place one of each berry on top. Be careful not to overfill the tart. Once you place the berries on top it will push down on the cream. That's it! They make a great presentation and are easily picked up and enjoyed!

Today’s Featured Author:

Abigail Sharpe

Who Wants to Marry A Doctor by Abigail Sharpe.jpg

The Doctor Is In . . . As a single mom and pediatrician, Sabrina Bankhead doesn't have time for romance. All that changes when she reluctantly agrees to take part in a dating show fundraiser for a children's hospital. But once she sets eyes on the journalist hired to cover the show, none of the four contestants stand a chance. If she doesn't choose one of the eligible bachelors, the hospital doesn't raise a cent. What's a love-struck doc to do? Investigative journalist Quinn Donnelly is on the mend after an assignment in Afghanistan left him both physically and emotionally scarred. Though he's itching to return overseas and finish his story, he'll have to be content with this fluff piece assignment to cover a local dating show. One-night stands are Quinn's forte-but after he meets Sabrina, he's ready to say yes for the long haul. After years of chasing the next big story, Quinn is starting to wonder if maybe home really can be where the heart is . . .

Enjoy Day One of The 12 Days of Christmas and don't for get to register to win at Rafflecopter

Heather M. Miles

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