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When Opportunity Knocks!

I've been caught up, stretched, pulled and prodded to produce. I started NaNo with bang and I have 38K in words, but was unable to finish the full 50K by the November 30 deadline. I'm not really that concerned. The fact that I have 38K of a new manuscript is no less than amazing. Considering I am also trying to diligently finish Merger Undone. God, I hate to even mention it, because people are waiting to get their hands on the book. I'm plugging away to complete it. I swear! However, it seems that something always gets in the way of my MU progress.

I submitted my manuscript Saying Yes to Harlequin's "So You Think You Can Write" contest. I didn't win, but they are interested in my manuscript. So, everything else comes to a slow grinding stop. I have done nothing but line edit that manuscript since I got the word they wanted it. I'd been told it needed a little polishing and in fact it does. It's hard to edit your own work. Now that I look it over, and shockingly it was professionally edited (eek!), I have been able to improve it. Hence the true value of critique partners. But as I read it out loud, the blaring problems move forward and I'm able to work through it. I'm putting in the time for the chance at something more. Something bigger than me and my little ol' passion for writing. It may or may not happen with Harlequin, but, maybe if I polish the diamond, it will sparkle just enough! Regardless of the outcome, them or me, it will be published and everyone will get the chance to enjoy Eliza Swift and Lake Mitchell’s love story.

Life is always offering each and every one of us opportunities. It's what we make of them and what we’re willing to do to grasp onto them that changes our outcomes.

Live life to the fullest.

Heather Miles

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