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In the Mood Monday!

I’m in the MOOD! Yeah…that one.

It’s Music Monday and I have a hot, hot, hot one to share. I’ve been in the troughs of writing and had intended to do this first thing this morning, but time slipped away into sexual angst on the current chapter of my new book. Cover your ears fans - Not Merger Undone. But my NaNo book which is delicious and romantic and filled with everything right. I’m working on Merger Undone daily as well, but today I couldn’t tear myself away from my untitled new novel. P.S. Titles are tough business.

At any rate, I was watching some book trailers this past weekend and the slow beat of an incredible song played behind an intensely erotic mix of images. I was instantly captivated and recognized the voice, John Legend, but not the song. I instantly combed the internet and discovered it was the lead track off his fourth studio album and a track off the movie, Think Like A Man. I was captured by the rolling sensual rhythm and sexy lyrics.

Let me set a scene. “Tonight” is billowing from the surround sound, the house is dimly lit by the soft warm glow of candlelight, there’s two glasses of wine and one scantly dressed man, my man. All bets are off. Someone will be taken, consumed, and devoured, till they’re breathless and begging. The “your mine” kind of moment. When you take everything and leave nothing behind, but a swollen heart and limp bones.

There are some songs that resonate deep in your core, pulling at you lustfully. This is one of those songs. Enjoy!

Have a magical Monday!

Heather M. Miles

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