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Epic Song

When I started the Music Monday Blog I knew I'd never be at a loss for phenomenal song selections. This week I knew exactly where I was headed. The song is incredible but the images it evoked even better. I may be dating myself a bit, but I grew up with pinnacle movies like Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Less Than Zero, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Top Gun, Footloose and many more. I could go on and on, but that list gives you a pretty good idea of my age and the era of movies that molded me.

However, there’s a movie that few will remember the name of, but no will forget the scene from. Let me paint a picture...

Boy meet's girl. Girl is super smart and considered out of his league. She's slated to go to a big Ivy League school and he's undecided. He decides he's got nothing to lose by asking her out. She accepts. (Don’t we all love a bad boy – it’s like forbidden fruit). Sparks fly and things are going great, then out goes the rug. Her dad sabotages their romance and the young lovers are left pining away for one another. But he won't give up and because she's not speaking to him, he does the only thing he can. He grabs his boom box (remember those), drives to her house and plays the one song that will bring her to her knees: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

John Cusak, in a camel colored duster. Standing outside her house with that heavy boom box held high above his head. Trying to tell her what she refuses to hear...I need you. I want you! I'm worth it! Oh, and your dad is crazy as hell and a crook!

If you still can’t remembered the name of the movie yet, it was called: Saying Yes

It's just one more movie moment that shaped a culture of music and memories that will never be forgotten.

Happy Monday!

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