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Teaser From "Saying Yes"

“I’m dying inside,” said Eliza. “I need you.”

“Where do you need me?” he asked.

Lake brought his fingers to her lips and she nodded submissively, then pulled his fingers into her impatient mouth. She lavished them with her warm tongue, sucking them like she would his hard length. She could feel him grow more rigid between her legs. “Do you need me here?” He brought his wet fingers from her mouth to her chest. Placing his entire palm over the erect nipple that protruded eagerly beneath her lace bra and over her beating heart. She clasped her legs around his waist and pulled her hips to the edge of the counter, needing to feel the strength of his tight waist against her heated skin. She brought her hands from his neck to his perfectly chiseled face and looked into his eyes. The brown defect once again calling from the blue pool of his iris in subtle perfection.

“Yes. I need you there.”

Lake ran his tongue over the perfect crease of her mouth teasingly, and then moved his hand from the swell of her breast down her soft stomach, and cupping the lace G-string that covered her silken mound of perfect smooth flesh. “E do you need me here.” She could feel her stomach grow tight and the unease of a climbing throb that was settling in her abdomen. She knew he could feel her body react to his touch. She was warm and wet and the truth he sought didn’t need answering, but she nodded anyway. She needed everything…all of it…all of him. He pulled her mouth to his then slipped two fingers under the seam of lace that kept her from him. “Oh sweet Eliza,” he moaned softly over her mouth. He moved her hair back from her neck and continued to ease his fingers into the folds of her wet opening. The slick sound of his fingers moving into her was making her crazy with lust.

“No edging tonight,” she whispered. “I can’t take it.”

He pulled his hand from her warm sex and wrapped his arms under her hips. He clutched her soft body to his and walked her from the kitchen to the master bedroom kissing the hollow of her slim neck and tracing his tongue across the smooth bone of her perfect clavicle. She clung tightly to his body, but engulfed his heart. He set her gently on the bed and watched her eyes as he removed his clothes. The power of her love, and the emotion in her eyes, shrouded him in the rapture of her. Everything he’d ever wanted or needed from a woman culminated in one small giving person that had professed not to be able to give him everything, but was giving more.

THAT'S IT...Headed to Samhain Publishing, Fineprint Literary and 3 agents that requested fulls!

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