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Sorry to those of you that have been following my updates. I have been either swamped with my full-time job or swamped juggling life. I am still actively working on the final editing of my book and I am crafting my quarry letters for publishers. I have decided that I am going to enter my manuscript in a few contests. Your work can't be published, so the time is now. It can only help me if I place as a finalist in any one of the contests that I enter.

I'm also still out on a limb on my book title, which has to come together quickly. I started with "Merger" becuase it held dual meaning in my book, but the verdict is out. I'll certainly toy with some other ideas and let you all know what the final title will be.

As always stay tuned for more and keep reading.

Joshua Crawford and Kasey Blakley have much more to tell and SHOW!


Heather Miles

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