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Chapter One Book Teaser of Merger

So, I have been promising a snippet from my book for a couple of weeks now. I thought it would be easy to do, but no such thing. I wanted to pick something good that would draw you in and have you hungry for more. I finally settled on what you will see below. It's a scene in the first chapter of my book. It's the first introduction of my two main characters.

I'm still in the final editing stage, and have poked, prodded, moved, added and deleted my manuscript to death with the help of another author. I'm so grateful for his input.

I'll keep you posted and I hope you enjoy a glimpse into...Merger!

Happy Reading,

Heather M. Miles


(Unofficial title)

H.M. Miles

Chapter One: Teaser

The doors of the elevator opened and a sudden presence overwhelmed me. I could feel him coming closer, the electric charge of him zapping me to full awareness. The sudden urge to hold my breath took over. I stepped onto the elevator and turned around to see him follow me in. I was suddenly grateful that I lived in the penthouse. Knowing he’d get off before me was a relief. Until then I’d just stand in the lift, will my lungs to work and hope for a speedy assent. He reached over and pushed the button for the eleventh floor, turned and looked at me with questioning eyes waiting for some indication as to which floor he needed to select on my behalf. I reached around his long arm and pushed ‘P’.

“Joshua” he said, his voice husky and wanton.

Oh shit, he’s speak to me.

I couldn’t tell if his voice was labored by his workout or from the air that had been sucked out of our small space. I probably waited a second too long to speak. I had widened the gap of awkwardness between us and was now rendered with few words. I wanted to look around to see who he was speaking too, but knew there was no one else.

“What?” I said looking clueless.

“My name.” He smiled. “Is Joshua.”

I tried in vain not to stare, but lost the battle when I looked into his amazing eyes. They were the deep blue, like shallow sea and his thick dark lashes unusually long for a man. Adding a touch of beauty to his complete masculinity.

He reeked ‘model’ if I was guessing, but I didn’t intend to ask, so I just stared.

His jaw and cheek bones were prominent and his lips were supple. The kind that begged to be kissed. He’d obviously not shaved yet and the morning growth of stubble against his face made him remarkably sexy. His hair was brown and clearly styled by a few swipes of his hand to get it into some organized shape. His sweat covered body only elevated his sex appeal, which was bouncing all over our tight space. He was chiseled to perfection, every muscle defined and tightly coiled.

I tried to stay focused on his face, but had a hard time concentrating and my eyes wandered all over him. Which I sensed by the smirk on his face, didn’t bother him in the least. His confidence was stifling and I could feel more and more of the air being sucked from my small lungs. It didn’t take much guessing. I knew that what was hidden beneath his shirt and shorts, wasn’t any less to be desired. Based on what stood before me, combined with some incredible genetics, he was HOT!

He ran his hands through his sweaty hair and I could feel my mouth go slack. I quickly pulled my jaw up and replied. “Kasey.”

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