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Editing Isn't Easy

So, I made a deal that I'd let a few people look at my manuscript and I'd look at there's for the purpose of editing. I have made about two passes through my own manuscript and was eager to see what my fellow authors thought.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed and is truly beneficial if you don't take it too personal.

What I didn't anticipate, is how hard it is to edit someone else's work. It's hard work and very time consuming, which is why paying an editor can often be big bucks! Some editors do it for a flat fee, some by the hour (ouch), but at any rate it's tough. You try to edit for grammatical errors, but also for content and plot. The hard part is being honest and knowing how to put into words for somone what you think needs to happen to improve their work. This can often mean cutting out entire paragraphs, deleting and changing characters and plot or cashing an entire thought process.

We can all agree that when you read a good book there's nothing like it. You remember it, you tell people about it, and you can picture every detail in your head like a movie played out before you. It's the key to all the effort of writing a good manuscript and having someone say they truely liked your work and couldn't put it down. When is a manuscript good enough? The answer is, once it's published. There's no going back after it goes to print or e-book. So you've got to make it the very best and hope it's enough to capture your reader.

All this said, I'm working diligently to get my final copy complete and out the door with my quarry letters. If I get a lot of NO's, and I will, then I will keep moving forward. It only takes one YES!

Here is a snippet of my book. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment!

Heather Miles

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